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“You’ll get warmer faster and stay that way for longer if you’re already somewhat warm before you get in your sleeping bag,” Oram points out.
What I think I hear you saying is it could be a little earlier or it could be somewhat later.
Theme park losses are slowing somewhat, going from $2 billion in the spring to $1 billion in the summer to $120 million this quarter, thanks both to reopenings and, of course, cost-cutting.
The Virginia law is somewhat modeled on California's landmark Consumer Privacy Act, which was signed into law in 2018 and took effect on January 1, 2020.
I was sick in March of last year, and I got to tell you, I feel like this is the first month that I feel somewhat back to normal.
Independents in California lean somewhat Democratic today, too.
The chances that an adult can retrieve a particular memory from age 3, for example, are very low, somewhat higher for a memory from age 5, and higher still for memories made as age increases and neurogenesis slows, scientists believe.
I think that we do have a somewhat genetically-programmed fear of death because it is so profoundly unknown.
It seems as if everybody just wants to be over and done with the impeachment trial, and as a result, it will go somewhat quickly.
Women who have managed to leave abusive relationships in the past year have often, somewhat paradoxically, found quarantining helpful in their recovery.


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