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noun as in solar system

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Meanwhile, other researchers dream about voyages to entirely different worlds, including Saturn’s geyser moon Enceladus.

After all, Jupiter and Saturn influenced Earth’s growth and evolution.

The moons of Jupiter and Saturn might be accessible, but not so much the stars beyond.

Jupiter and Saturn often look far apart — two separate specks puncturing different parts of the night sky.

Learn more about Mars’s craters, Jupiter’s moons, Venus’s volcanoes, and Saturn’s rings.

Mimas always presents the same face to Saturn, just as the Moon does to Earth.

The authors of the new study used data from the Cassini probe orbiting Saturn to measure the libration of Mimas.

Since one year on Saturn lasts roughly 29.5 Earth years, each season is a little more than seven Earth-years long.

The U.S. had stopped most research and development on this kind of engine after the Saturn V moon rocket was retired.

Of course, the failure of our family outing hardly mattered, for The Rings of Saturn can be relived by reading and re-reading.

See that silver spiral going out from Venus and around the table to the orbit of Saturn?

The conditions in Saturn, where the inner ring remains parted, favours the view just stated.

In proof of this, the case of the planet Saturn has been cited to show that the work of creation is still in progress.

So also, in Troilus, v. 1809, by the seventh sphere he means the outermost sphere of Saturn.

Wrecked freighters from Saturn or Earth floated beside rotund grain-boats from Jupiter.


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