Synonyms for prime meridian

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The prime meridian of the heavens passes through this point.

But it is our simple duty, in our present judicial capacity, to examine the question of a prime meridian from all points of view.

Ferro, the westernmost of these, is still sometimes found as the Prime Meridian in German maps.

The prime meridian runs somewhat to the west of the Island of Fayal.

The prime meridian is made to pass through the Azores Islands.

From this prime meridian longitude is calculated, which means that any given locality is so many degrees east or west of it.

You have met to discuss and consider the important question of a prime meridian for all nations.

We may then say that, from a purely scientific point of view, any meridian may be taken as the prime meridian.

My honorable friend, Mr. Rutherfurd, says that from the time the prime meridian was chosen it would cease to be neutral.

We must know how far other places are from the prime meridian, and for that reason it is necessary that it should be on land.