Synonyms for plumps

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


This plumps the fibres, separates the fibrils and kills the grease.

They burn one bridge and he plumps down a better one instead.

Down he plumps it—gives it a h'ist or two and then grabs it up.

It is quite simple: he shuts his eyes, opens the Koran, plumps his finger on to a line, and then reads it out.

At the same moment, Billy, who was running at my shoulder, plumps down on his knees and begins to whine and moan most pitiably.

The Sergeant goes to Edstaston: plumps down on his knees: and takes out a magnificent pair of pistols with gold grips.

The strongest "old man" drags the female Seal away in his teeth, and plumps her down in his special part of the beach.

It usually breeds on a plateau commanding the sea, and when approaching its nest it plumps right down to the mouth of the hole.

Dunsford plumps down upon us sometimes with awful questions: what do you think of all philosophy?

(stopping him) Plump me no plumps—I'll have it exact, or not at all—I'll not part it, so let me see it again.