[ ped-l or for 6–8, peed-l ]SEE DEFINITION OF pedaled

Antonyms for pedaled

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"All right," agreed the lad, as he leaped into the saddle and pedaled off down the road.

Stan ducked into a narrow path and pedaled away as hard as he could.

But at first it was all we could do to hold our own, no matter how hard we pedaled.

Waiting not an instant the lad bent over his handle-bars and pedaled with all his force.

Without delay, they trundled the machines out, and leaping into the saddles, pedaled after Nat.

As he pedaled on he looked back and saw Sam straightening some of the bent spokes.

He had a wheel hidden in the bushes, and pedaled away, giving me the laugh as he went out of sight.

Gordon and Fudge mounted their wheels again when the trolley had rolled off and pedaled leisurely along Sawyer Street.

Rather, if anything, they pedaled faster; and then the outpost came into sight—a long line of men, almost in front of them.

He pedaled with delight, bending over his front wheel, drinking in the sweet morning breeze that rushed against his cheeks.