old geezer

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On this page you'll find 19 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to old geezer, such as: dotard, fogy/fogey, fusspot, granny, square, and stick-in-the-mud.

How to use old geezer in a sentence

  • Many more of them kind, Pippin reflected, would carry the old geezer off, sure thing.

    Pippin; A Wandering Flame | Laura E. Richards
  • But wont it jar the old geezer when his pipe goes out, to-night?

    Cursed | George Allan England
  • "Something's biting the old geezer," he informed Hal and Ellis.

    The Clarion | Samuel Hopkins Adams
  • At the last tutors I was at, the old chaps wife was the most awful old geezer you ever saw.

    Mrs. Craddock | W. Somerset Maugham
  • But the old geezer nodded quickly, glaring at me and trying to wheeze something.

    The Haunted Pajamas | Francis Perry Elliott

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