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A number of other lawsuits, including a negligence suit against the EPA, are still pending.
Certainly, reports of sloppiness and negligence have surfaced.
He is the author of the new book Science Fictions, which documents how fraud, bias, negligence, and hype are rife in science.
That story led to state lawmakers passing a law cracking down on vaccine exemptions, and Zandvliet being put on probation by the Medical Board for gross negligence.
She was placed on professional probation by the Medical Board for gross negligence in a case involving vaccines and cannot write vaccine exemptions for three years.
This isn’t new for the military, which has often treated its territories in the Pacific with negligence on human rights, seizing Indigenous lands and ignoring calls for justice.
Fletcher said the county must pay those settlements for in-custody deaths or medical negligence.
Voice of San Diego contributor Jared Whitlock reports that the recently filed suit against The Springs at Pacific Regent accuses the facility and its owner of negligence in responding to the novel coronavirus following their loved one’s death.
The lawsuit, among the earliest of its kind in California and the first to be reported on in San Diego, accuses The Springs at Pacific Regent and its owner of negligence in responding to the novel coronavirus.
Having done this, the proof of negligence or want of care is thrown on the bailor.


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