Antonyms for minuted

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The particulars are minuted in my journal, but I shall not trouble the publick with them.

The particulars are minuted in my Journal, but I shall not trouble the publick with them.

After several of these in succession, Kitty opened a file which had been minuted down from another branch, M.B. 4.

The army was drilled and commanded after the German regulations; and the courts-martial were minuted in German.

With alacrity they minuted me on from one to another till I felt as if "passed to you, please" had been scrawled all over me.

Tom Murdock had seen them going in, and he minuted them by his silver hunting-watch--for he had one.

In the minuted records of the burgh, different cases occur of persons accused in accordance with this statute.

But at this moment wish to send you minuted and repeated accounts of every thing that passes in this quarter.

The incidents of each day are minuted down in a dry, unambitious style, bearing the clear impress of truth.

They thought he had dragged himself there, with some sore internal bruise sapping away his minuted life.