Antonyms for marxists

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They were revolutionary Marxists—doctrinaire to the bone—saturated with the dialectic.

All professors of economics in the Soviet countries are Marxists.

When the Marxists got wind of him and his doctrine, their rage knew no bounds.

The result was that persecutions were begun on both the Lassalleans and the Marxists.

The Bolsheviki themselves, as good Marxists, took no stock in the peasants' commune.

The Marxists assert that industrial democracy will automatically follow public ownership of machines and materials.

Marxists had come to help the cause of Sun Yat-sen; Marxism was spread to fight and undo it.

Such deviations were as unrealistic and sterile as Blanquism, against which the nineteenth century Marxists inveighed so heavily.

The authentic spokesmen of the current international socialism are avowed Marxists.

Immediately an ardent controversy took place between the two factions of the youth of that time, the Populists and the Marxists.