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There can be no peace without longsuffering, and therefore Paul lists this virtue next.COMMENTARY ON THE EPISTLE TO THE GALATIANSMARTIN LUTHER
To withstand his continued assaults we must be longsuffering and patiently wait for the devil to get tired of his game.COMMENTARY ON THE EPISTLE TO THE GALATIANSMARTIN LUTHER
Meekness and longsuffering must stand on a basis of humility.THE EXPOSITOR'S BIBLE: COLOSSIANS AND PHILEMONALEXANDER MACLAREN
How delightful to talk about oneself; but as you 'tempted me and I did eat,' I entreat your longsuffering of my sin, and ah!THE LETTERS OF ROBERT BROWNING AND ELIZABETH BARRETT BARRETT, VOL. 1 (OF 2) 1845-1846ROBERT BROWNING AND ELIZABETH BARRETT BARRETT
Patience bears evil and injustice; but longsuffering delays punishment.EPISTLE SERMONS, VOL. IIMARTIN LUTHER
The longsuffering Christian, however, is opposed to revenge, desiring the sinner to amend his ways.EPISTLE SERMONS, VOL. IIMARTIN LUTHER
As we bow the neck at the Cross, His self-forgetful love for the others, His longsuffering and forbearance flow into our hearts.THE CALVARY ROADROY HESSION
Mercy and longsuffering are qualities that we share with God Himself, in which God was, and is, "manifest in the flesh."THE EXPOSITOR'S BIBLE: THE EPISTLE TO THE GALATIANSG. G. FINDLAY
And shall not God avenge his elect, that cry to him day and night, and yet he is longsuffering over them?HIS LIFEWILLIAM E. BARTON, THEODORE G. SOARES, SYDNEY STRONG
Patience and longsuffering without joy are apt to be cold, chilly, unattractive.THE PRAYERS OF ST. PAULW. H. GRIFFITH THOMAS


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