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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was in the majority in all of the decisions that granted more leniency, and her spot on the court has been filled by conservative Amy Coney Barrett.SUPREME COURT RULES AGAINST JUVENILE SENTENCED TO LIFE WITHOUT PAROLEROBERT BARNESAPRIL 22, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Prosecutors offered to recommend leniency for his full and substantial cooperation, but also made clear Schaffer could be charged with other crimes of violence if they learn of them.FOUNDING MEMBER OF OATH KEEPERS ENTERS FIRST GUILTY PLEA IN JAN. 6 CAPITOL BREACHSPENCER HSU, DEVLIN BARRETTAPRIL 16, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Maya’s daughter is given additional time on assignments and leniency for getting to school late or leaving early.THOUSANDS OF FAMILIES IN SPECIAL-EDUCATION LIMBOCAYLA BAMBERGER, SARAH BUTRYMOWICZ, JACKIE MADER, CAROLINE PRESTONDECEMBER 18, 2020WASHINGTON POST
While the risk of collateral damage would hold significant weight in the sentencing phase of a conventional criminal or civil court proceeding, experts say the USITC’s mandate and structure makes leniency less likely.LOOMING TRADE SECRETS DECISION MAY BE ‘CATASTROPHIC’ FOR FORD AND VOLKSWAGEN’S EV AMBITIONSDZANEMORRISOCTOBER 23, 2020FORTUNE
Georgia legislators and SKI customers have advocated leniency, arguing that punishing SKI could damage partners who had no role in or knowledge of SKI’s violations.LOOMING TRADE SECRETS DECISION MAY BE ‘CATASTROPHIC’ FOR FORD AND VOLKSWAGEN’S EV AMBITIONSDZANEMORRISOCTOBER 23, 2020FORTUNE
With regard to the able-bodied pauper, at any rate for the first fifteen years after 1871, there was to be no leniency.ENGLISH POOR LAW POLICYSIDNEY WEBB
We are willing, however, to offer a leniency not required by the circumstances.SPACE PRISONTOM GODWIN
Surely leniency is the most becoming of all virtues, even in persons who have least need of anyone's indulgence.THE WORLD'S GREATEST BOOKS, VOL XVARIOUS
And this leniency and forgiveness were the more remarkable, since he was not demonstrative in his affections and friendships.BEACON LIGHTS OF HISTORY, VOLUME XIIJOHN LORD
I am thus confident of your leniency, because it seems to me that my case is not only a plain, but an interesting one.RUTH HALLFANNY FERN


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