Thesaurus / lacquered


A trained eye sees only the faint palimpsest of the war beneath layers of urbanization, expansion, suburbanization and all the lacquer that an affluent and busy society slathers on the past.

SpaceX also has swapped out two engines of the Falcon 9 rocket that would launch Saturday after detecting that a tiny valve vent was clogged with a lacquer used to prevent corrosion.

A little table of lacquered wood a foot square and four inches high was set before each man of our party.

The lacquered cases illustrated in this chapter indicate the style.

Chats on Old ClocksArthur Hayden

She took something from a Japanese lacquered box and held it out to him in her little firmly closed hand.

In Japan where, save the lower storey, the whole is lacquered red, they are a striking feature of the country.

The Empire of the EastH. B. Montgomery

The lacquered surface is exceedingly hard and water-proof; it is not affected by climate.

Commercial GeographyJacques W. Redway

Her knotted fingers with their tight-stretched skin kept a tense and fearful grasp on the scratched rim of the lacquered tray.

The Narrow HouseEvelyn Scott

All the lacquered goblins on the palace cornices wriggle their fire-colored tongues!

Some Chinese GhostsLafcadio Hearn

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