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know it all

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synonyms for know it all

  • aloof
  • bossy
  • cavalier
  • cocky
  • haughty
  • imperious
  • pompous
  • presumptuous
  • pretentious
  • smug
  • vain
  • assuming
  • audacious
  • autocratic
  • biggety
  • bragging
  • cheeky
  • cold-shoulder
  • conceited
  • contemptuous
  • cool
  • disdainful
  • domineering
  • egotistic
  • high-and-mighty
  • high-handed
  • insolent
  • know-it-all
  • lordly
  • on an ego trip
  • overbearing
  • peremptory
  • proud
  • puffed up
  • scornful
  • self-important
  • smarty
  • smarty-pants
  • sniffy
  • snippy
  • snooty
  • snotty
  • stuck up
  • supercilious
  • superior
  • swaggering
  • uppity
On this page you'll find 536 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to know it all, such as: aloof, bossy, cavalier, cocky, haughty, and imperious.

antonyms for know it all

  • humble
  • modest
  • shy
  • timid
  • unsure
  • meek
  • servile
        • cautious
        • humble
        • meek
        • unsure
        • modest
        • shy
        • tentative
        • timid
        • uncertain
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                                      How to use know it all in a sentence

                                      Lewis was one of these stuck-up, know-it-all johnnies, not long breeched.
                                      TWO ON THE TRAILHULBERT FOOTNER
                                      "I've a good mind not to tell you, Mr. Know-it-all," exclaimed Johnny Chuck.
                                      THE ADVENTURES OF REDDY FOXTHORNTON W. BURGESS
                                      None of the new girls appeared to be inclined toward a “know-it-all” attitude, for which Jane was grateful.
                                      JANE STEWARDESS OF THE AIR LINESRUTHE S. WHEELER
                                      They couldn't fool me with their slick off-the-cuff ready-made know-it-all responses!
                                      THE CAPGRAS SHIFTSAM VAKNIN
                                      "She is—and she's just what you need," said Sue, with that know-it-all smile of hers.
                                      THE HARBORERNEST POOLE
                                      He must keep in sympathetic touch with the new, damning the know-it-all frame of mind.
                                      THE CONQUEST OF FEARBASIL KING
                                      He is impressed with the suggestion that the speaker is a "know-it-all" fellow.
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