Antonyms for juniors

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Dontor glanced at the juniors, saw that Kuero had his sextant ready, and raised his own.

Three of the juniors who had elected to meet them had driven their own cars to the station.

Following her were the two juniors of whom Leila and Vera were so fond.

This morning a crowd of juniors came down to the station for that purpose.

If the juniors should challenge you to another game, don't accept the challenge.

The end of the first half of the game found the score 12-8 in favor of the juniors.

In no part of the school was this change more felt than among the juniors.

For instance, all juniors, to the eternal wrath and indignation of the Den, were excluded.

"I shan't say so of our juniors, at any rate," snorted Stephanie.

The entertainment began with a fairy play acted by the juniors.