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[ huht ]SEE DEFINITION OF huts

Synonyms for huts

  • box
  • bungalow
  • cabin
  • chalet
  • cot
  • cottage
  • hovel
  • lean-to
  • lodge
  • shack
  • shanty
  • shed
  • shelter
  • summer house
  • cabana
  • camp
  • crib
  • den
  • dugout
  • dump
  • hutch
  • pigeonhole
  • rathole
  • refuge
  • tepee
  • wigwam
  • log house
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There was a smell of cooking, and the people gathering between the huts.

There was not a trace of houses, or huts, or cairns visible.

The north wind was blowing this evening, and the huts were all closed.

The army lived in huts, which, as Lafayette exclaimed, "were no gayer than dungeons."

But there were only poor families in the village who had no room for him in their huts.

The whole nation of the Taensas consists only of about one hundred huts.

This nation consists only of one village of about thirty huts.

They are a pretty considerable nation, having about two hundred huts.

By our manner of proceeding one would have thought that we came only to view the huts.

The first task was to rebuild the huts and move into them from their ships.


1650s, from French hutte "cottage" (16c.), from Middle High German hütte "cottage, hut," probably from Proto-Germanic *hudjon-, related to the root of Old English hydan "to hide," from PIE *keudh-, from root (s)keu- (see hide (n.1)). Apparently first in English as a military word. Old Saxon hutta, Danish hytte, Swedish hytta, Frisian and Middle Dutch hutte, Dutch hut are from High German.