Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


There were at least a thousand persons present on the occasion of Hones visit.

I've been hones' with both of ye, and ye've been hones' with me.

Hones' we could 'a' killed 'em with a hammer an' done it delib'rit.

Say, hones', I never seen nothin' like it--'twere so blandiferous!

Course, schools he'p some, but looks lak all mos' o' de young'n's is studyin' 'bout is how to git out o' hones' labor.

I guess Miss Jean hones for them white pillars, many a day—they sorter stand for old times.

Cefn Rhiwabon yields sandstone (for hones) and millstone grit.

Hones folks wouldn give ole Black Strap dat amoun uv money fo dat lilly bitty ride less dey was suthin fishy.

Dar ain' 'oom fer all de yerth ter strut roun' wid dey han's in dey pockets en dey nose tu'nt up des caze dey's hones'.

It de blessin' of long life, and come with a blessin' of good health from livin' de clean, hones' life.