Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


Cocks crowing and the long, howling, hiccuping, melancholy bray of an ass.

What the deuce does the (hiccup) cook mean by not (hiccuping) things as he ought?

He was parched with thirst; and the hiccuping fit which had seized him in the company of his new friend had not yet subsided.

And with an utmost effort, he broke into a fine imitation of a hiccuping laugh.

He tossed the cans into his sack in a perfectly reckless manner, until Broadway was sick and hiccuping with fear.

Mr. Brackett was before the fire in the office, hiccuping with repletion and stuffing tobacco into the bowl of his clay pipe.

"T-a-s-t-e and s-e-e," cried the man who had fallen down, hiccuping.

The reprobate ended his boastful confession with another burst of hiccuping, and Staniford helplessly laughed.

Classon poured the last of the Burgundy into a tumbler, and drank it off, and hiccuping out, "I'll haste me to the Capitol!"

So he basked and smoked and drank his ale, retelling the ancient stories, and hiccuping forth the ancient sermons.