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But, studying data from 137 pairs of expectant women and fetuses, Janet DiPietro at Johns Hopkins University discovered that the chain reaction also ran the other way, with moms unconsciously responding to activity from their in utero passengers.MOMS: YOU SHAPED YOUR CHILDREN, BUT THE REVERSE IS TRUE, TOO — DOWN TO YOUR VERY CELLSABIGAIL TUCKERMAY 6, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Across the country, expectant parents have no way to assess which maternity hospitals have the best newborn outcomes, neonatal hospital experts and clinicians noted.NO ONE IN THIS STATE IS OFFICIALLY TRACKING THE QUALITY OF CARE IN NEONATAL CENTERSBY BRYANT FURLOW, NEW MEXICO IN DEPTHMARCH 31, 2021PROPUBLICA
When the crowd saw who he was the argument desisted forthwith, the crowd became quiet and respectful, moreover expectant.THE HOMESTEADEROSCAR MICHEAUX
The host hastily poured whiskey-and-soda lest he should look haughtily expectant.ANCESTORSGERTRUDE ATHERTON
It was fragrant with the perfume of violets, and he stood gazing at her portrait expectant of her coming.THE FIFTH STRING  JOHN PHILIP SOUSA
The expectant audience scarcely breathed as he began his theme.THE FIFTH STRING  JOHN PHILIP SOUSA
But her ears magnified a thousandfold each crackling of a log and each creak of the floor sent expectant shivers along her spine.THE ADVENTURE GIRLS AT K BAR OCLAIR BLANK
The singular motions she proceeded to make gave not a particle of hope to the expectant lover.JUANAHONORE DE BALZAC
At Healys, under the strident elevated station, a few guests were entering the blazing dining-rooms, laughing and expectant.THE WOMAN GIVESOWEN JOHNSON
And now they had to deal seriously with Mr. Gunning, who stood expectant, holding his hat and stick.THE CREATORSMAY SINCLAIR


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