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Not an electrical storm, but worse, a squall without warning.

It was like the still oppressiveness preceding an electrical storm.

Even this stopped in about five minutes, and, as though satisfied with what it had done, the electrical storm passed.

Evidently the electrical storm, with lightning bolts discharging so close, was too much for the "ghost."

On a hot Sunday afternoon in July 1835, during an electrical storm, the meetinghouse was struck by lightning.

Fortunately for the Brettons' silkworms, however, no electrical storm came.

His only worry at the time lay in the dark sky above and the blue-white stabs of lightning that promised an electrical storm.

At sunset the doors would all be closed, for then the rain and the electrical storm would return, and at night the blizzard.

The wind had risen to a gale, but the full fury of the electrical storm had passed.

Nor was this a pleasant place in which to be imprisoned during an electrical storm.