[ dan-druh f ]SEE DEFINITION OF dandruff

Synonyms for dandruff

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


Nothing is better for cleansing the hair from dust and dandruff.

They have a good deal of dander (dandruff) for sich little vipers!

His reddish-brown hair was free of dandruff, his blue eyes clear.

To be bald is no more than a genial jocosity, a harmless foible—but to have dandruff is almost as bad as to have beri-beri.

When the hair is excessively oily or the scalp unusually crowded with dandruff, the weekly shampoo should not be neglected.

He looked more the fashionable club man than ever, though he did have a slight sprinkling of dandruff on his coat collar.

"No more fuzzy hair for me, no red tie, no dandruff," he had said on his return from Paris.

The dandruff which detaches from the skin within the escutcheon of the first order is yellowish or copperish color.

This affection is characterized by an excessive production and detachment of dry scales from the surface of the skin (dandruff).

Link picked at the label of his beer bottle and added to the dandruff of shredded paper in the ashtray before him.


1540s, first element obscure, second element is Northumbrian or East Anglian dialectal huff, hurf "scab," from Old Norse hrufa, from Proto-Germanic *hreufaz, source of Old English hreofla "leper."