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On this page you'll find 18 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to clear-sightedness, such as: acumen, astuteness, discrimination, insightfulness, judgment, and keenness.

How to use clear-sightedness in a sentence

  • In a flash of the eye, with an unequalled clear-sightedness, he disentangled from all the traits—just the one.

    Charles Baudelaire, His Life | Thophile Gautier
  • We can tell you nothing; the official letter may explain more to your clear-sightedness, and I will fetch it.

  • It was curious how in those few moments she seemed to be gifted with an immense clear-sightedness.

    Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo | E. Phillips Oppenheim
  • But there seemed to be another person within the Prince protesting with cold, clear-sightedness against this image.

    The Enemies of Women | Vicente Blasco Ibez
  • With the clear-sightedness of love he had understood that these two natures harmonized and must seek each other.

    Dame Care | Hermann Sudermann

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