Antonyms for cannonaded

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Yet he was the friend and comrade of the great who were canonized while he was cannonaded.

The English then rode to Meun, and cannonaded the bridge-fort, which was held by the French.

He at once cannonaded them while waiting for the The Attack.

French Republic cannonaded by General Cavaignac; a sad outlook there.'

They threatened his flank with cavalry, and cannonaded him severely.

It was Dinky-Dunk who jumped to life as though he had indeed been cannonaded.

The Germans, made furious by defeat, cannonaded the landing-place.

They are so situated as to be cannonaded by Shipping, and are in a manner defenceless against a superior land force.

The reply was—a fleet and a military force, which first cannonaded and then stormed the stronghold at the point of the bayonet.

The following day the Versaillese cannonaded the barricade and the Avenue of Neuilly.