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Maryland Democrats are pressing for “a course correction” on the state’s bumpy vaccination rollout, a reflection of the Washington area’s anxiety over the handling of limited doses amid reports of more contagious virus strains in the region.
They were left with a dry, bumpy, brittle crust covering a weakened layer of moist soil.
The post drew backlash from some who felt the former football star was getting special treatment, as millions of vulnerable Americans still have not received theirs amid a bumpy and disorganized distribution scheme.
The support account on Twitter quickly became inundated with customers asking why their Internet was slow and bumpy.
Like many first-time founders, I faced a bumpy road with a lot of lessons, and we eventually shut the company down.
As if it’s a bumpy flight, and your big challenge is to pop an Ambien and see whether you can fall asleep soundly enough to wake up at your destination.
His 2020 was bumpy and perhaps a throwaway, given the coronavirus shutdown and the challenges for pitchers after the restart.
Apart from the historical gains for December, the remarkable similarity of 2020 and 2009’s market runs suggests December might be a bit bumpier for stocks, Frederick notes.
It’s also made with a one-piece fiberglass shell, which gives more interior headroom than many other teardrops and should hold up to a lifetime spent on bumpy roads.
Generally, the heavier a hip pack is, the more unstable and shifty it is around my waist in very bumpy terrain.


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