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On this page you'll find 5 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to bullfrog, such as: toad, caecilian, croaker, and polliwog.

How to use bullfrog in a sentence

  • Old Croaky was a granddaddy bullfrog with whom they were very well acquainted, for he sang for them every evening.

    Every Girl's Book | George F. Butler
  • In the green frog and bullfrog the metamorphosis is not completed until the beginning of the second summer.

    A Civic Biology | George William Hunter
  • "Better stay home, better stay home," croaked old Grandfather bullfrog from his seat on a stump by the edge of the pond.

    Sandman's Goodnight Stories | Abbie Phillips Walker
  • Oom Leeuw crept up slowly, quietly, like a skelm, behind Brother bullfrog.

    Outa Karel's Stories | Sanni Metelerkamp
  • The bullfrog and leopard frog probably take heavy toll of both the adults and the newly metamorphosed young at the breeding ponds.

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