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Saturday, November 16, 2013

con amore

\kon uh-MAWR-ee, -MAWR-ey, -MOHR-ee, -MOHR-ey, kohn; It. kawn ah-MAW-re\ , adverb;
(italics) Italian. with love, tender enthusiasm, or zeal.
tenderly and lovingly (used as a musical direction).
He did not expect that he should really be preferred, con amore, to a young fellow like Adolphe.
-- Anthony Trollope, Tales of All Countries, 1861
Con amore, he went through the whole business of begging, praying, resisting excuses, explaining away difficulties, and at last succeeded in persuading Miss Harriet to allow herself to be led to the instrument.
-- Charlotte Brontë, Shirley, 1849
Con amore entered English in the early 1700s directly from the Italian phrase of the same spelling.
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