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Improve your writing with machine learning that catches grammar and spelling errors and provides Thesaurus-powered synonym suggestions. This writing tool makes smart suggestions and gives you the power to make smart choices.

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We aren’t your average spell check. Grammar Coach makes writing papers, essays, emails, and a whole lot more a whole lot easier.

Synonym Swap

Choose the best word to say what you really mean for smarter, stronger, and more polished writing.

Spelling Help

We’ve combined the power of the dictionary and thesaurus to catch every spelling mistake, every time.

Grammar Check

Grammar Coach’s machine learning is uniquely designed to find your missteps and guide you back to clearer writing.

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Whatever you’re writing, we’ll let you know if your tone is spot on. Grammar Coach alerts you to informal language, passive voice, and more.

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Want your readers to stay engaged? We monitor for common and repetitive words and make sure every sentence impresses your audience.

*For a limited time, access premium features for free!*
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