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    Create the plot of a novel using the lyrics from one of your favorite songs.

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    A character study is a piece of work that examines the life of one, or a few, particular characters in detail. Write a character study of someone who is your complete opposite.

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    Set your novel entirely in a small European village that clings to a traditional way of life. Describe this village in detail to begin.

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    Research a niche community you know nothing about, like the lives of high-profile chefs, and set your novel in that world. Write a synopsis.

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  • 8

    Interview one of your older relatives to draw inspiration for a novel. What answers are most interesting?

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    Draft an outline of a romance novel where the two main characters don’t meet until the final chapter.

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  • 10

    Compare and contrast two of your favorite novels. Which parts do you like best from each?

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