• 1

    Write about the disappearance of a person that lives in a small town.

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  • 2

    Craft a spooky story where the narrator is unknown to the reader.

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  • 4

    Surrealism is an art movement that utilizes imagery from the unconscious mind. Base a short story off of a dream you had but didn’t quite understand.

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  • 5

    Using an abandoned building in your city, create a backstory for why it’s no longer occupied.

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  • 6

    While walking past the local park at night, your character stumbles into a detective who thinks your character is the perfect suspect. Is the detective right or wrong?

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  • 7

    The phone rings early one morning. The person on the other end says nothing but “You’ll be getting a letter in the mail today.” What happens next?

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  • 8

    A professor of archaeology figures out an important artifact has suddenly gone missing. Who, or what, took it?

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  • 9

    Take an unassuming story from today’s news and retell it as a mystery thriller.

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  • 10

    Imagine a family member has disappeared. How did you contribute to their disappearance?

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  • 11

    You and your family are taking a vacation to a fishing town. The keeper of the lighthouse, however, has some stories to tell you. What are they?

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  • 12

    Take a superstition or spooky story from your country, and write about it actually happening to someone.

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  • 15

    The lights go out at a museum gala. When they come back on, the most valuable piece has been stolen! Who took it?

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  • 16

    Your character has awoken with amnesia. There is a strange key in their pocket. How do they figure out what the key is to?

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  • 17

    Write about a character who survives an assassination attempt and must find out who tried to do them in.

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  • 18

    Write a story where you try to solve your favorite unsolved murder.

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