• 1

    Take an unfortunate situation that happened to you, and write an essay where it becomes humorous instead.

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  • 2

    The neighbor is throwing a huge party. What does your character find when they go tell them to quiet down?

    Describe the party
  • 4

    Every time you wake up, you’re in a different body. Describe what you would do in each body.

    Describe your actions
  • 5

    Write a story where an inanimate object in your house comes alive and isn’t happy with you. How do you deal with it?

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  • 7

    For one day, the animals in a zoo gain the ability to communicate and decide to take over. What are their conversations like?

    Describe their conversations
  • 8

    Write a story where a group of time traveling nobility get dropped in the middle of a modern-day tourist trap.

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  • 9

    Your best friend invites you over to finally reveal a “big secret.” When you get there, what do you see?

    What's the secret?
  • 10

    What would happen if you were thrust into a job where you had no training? What funny mistakes would you make?

    Describe your mistakes
  • 11

    Aliens came to conquer Earth, but decided we weren’t worth the time. Write a story about why.

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  • 12

    Craft a conspiracy theory about something innocuous. For example: What are the sprinklers at the grocery store really spraying on the fruits?

    Create your theory
  • 14

    Collectively, the human’s prefrontal cortex has weakened, causing everyone you know to only speak the truth. Set your scene at a dinner party that gets derailed because of this.

    Describe your party
  • 15

    An idiom in Norway for heavy rain is “It’s raining witches.” And, one afternoon, it does. What happens?

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  • 16

    A contest will give $100 dollars each time your character gets insulted. How will they get people to insult them?

    Create your insults
  • 17

    You’ve swapped places with your terrible boss! You have 12 hours in their body. What happens in the office that day?

    Write about what happens