15 Tweets About Motherhood

"Motherhood: I'm just a girl, in a world, hoping to one day eat dinner sitting down."

- @MommieKnwsFresh

"Nothing screams 'I'm a mom' like showing up at work, forgetting I have a Batman bandaid on the back of my leg."

- @UnfilteredMama

"Googling Literally Everything: A New Mom's Story"

- @LoriFradkin

"Become a parent to discover how angrily you can serve someone crackers."

- @copymama

"Parenting is 99% getting roasted by your kids."

- @MotherPlaylist

"No One Listens Until I Yell: the name of my parenting memoir."

- @NoSleepInBklyn

"I’m not saying kids ruin your life, I’m just saying mine told her teacher all about my chin hair."

- @ashleyaustrew

"I've never been serenaded, but I have been followed through the house by someone reading me 'another funny thing' from Diary of a Wimpy Kid."

- @amydillon

"It's amazing how much of parenthood is spent eating delicious things in secret."

- @lifeattiffanys

"In parenthood you're either cleaning up shit, losing your shit, or pretending to have your shit together."

- @OneFunnyMummy

"My parenting style is 'I love you and cherish you with all my heart, but get away from me with those disgusting mouth noises.'"

- @KateWhineHall

"One of my favorite moments with my children is when I hold them close, look at them with loving eyes, and say 'I told you so.'"

- @MotherPlaylist

"Most of parenting is unsuccessfully attempting to sit down."

- @yenniwhite

"Being a parent means sometimes you say things like 'I love you to the moon & back but if you don't sleep right now I will haunt your dreams'"

- @2questionable

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