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Tuesday, September 28, 2021


simper is a synonym of smile

verb [ sim-per ]

simper is another word for smile

Both words refer to displaying the facial expression that indicates pleasure, amusement, scorn, or mockery. On its own, smile commonly suggests such an expression indicating pleasure or amusement: smiled and waved, but in context, it can refer to a contemptuous expression, more like a sneer. To simper is to indicate pleasure by one’s expression, but in a silly, self-conscious, or ingratiating way: a salesperson simpering at customers. The situation in which simper is used is often that of flirtation or trying to win favor. Simper is found in the company of words like “sweet,” “cloying,” and “fawning,” which emphasize the fake, coy, or servile nature of such smiling—at least to the eye-rolling observer.

Commonly found as

simper sweetly
I wasn’t one of the flatterers who simpered sweetly around the English professor after class.
simper + fawn
There was no shortage of actors ready to fawn and simper over the powerful directors who could make or break their careers.

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Monday, September 27, 2021


nonplussed is a synonym of puzzled

adjective [ non-pluhst ]

nonplussed is another word for puzzled

Both words describe the state of mental confusion and surprise prompted by an encounter with something we don’t understand or can’t make sense of. The familiar adjective puzzled refers to the effect on us of something we don’t understand: She looked puzzled. Nonplussed refers to a greater degree of confusion, combined with surprise, that may render a person temporarily speechless and slightly disoriented: Her sudden about-face on this issue left her supporters nonplussed. It is common for someone to be left nonplussed or be nonplussed to discover, find, or learn something. Typically, someone can be, seem, or look nonplussed, be left nonplussed by something, or wear a nonplussed expression or stare. However, it’s also common for someone to be in this state only momentarily or for a moment.

Commonly found as

nonplussed to discover/find/learn
She was nonplussed to learn that the thesis of her rival’s paper was strikingly similar to her own.
leave nonplussed
The guests were left nonplussed by the sudden announcement that the party was over and everyone should leave the premises immediately.

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Sunday, September 26, 2021


lofty is a synonym of high

adjective [ lawf-tee, lof- ]

lofty is another word for high

High and lofty refer to something that has considerable height. High is a general term, and refers to extending upward or being at a considerable height: high towers; a high shelf. Lofty refers to imposing or even inspiring height, often in architecture or the natural landscape: lofty cliffs; a lofty spire; at a lofty height. These words also overlap in their figurative senses, so that you can elevate or exalt high ideals and ambitions by making them lofty ones.

Commonly found as

lofty ceilings
The lofty ceilings of the cathedral have the effect of drawing the eyes and spirit upwards.
lofty height
The developers wanted potential investors to see for themselves how from the lofty heights of this parcel of land there were magnificent views of the city and the bay.

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