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Sunday, October 03, 2021


palpable is a synonym of clear

adjective [ pal-puh-buhl ]

palpable is another word for clear

Both words refer to something that is readily apparent or easily perceived or sensed. As an adjective, clear has a wide range of reference: from materials (clear glass) to communication (a clear explanation). The relevant sense here describes something that is apparent, obvious, or easily perceived or understood: the team’s clear sense of pride. Palpable is a more emphatic, even dramatic word for something easily perceived, because of its literal meaning—able to be touched or felt—and its usual application to things like a mood, emotion, or atmosphere, which are insubstantial and can’t be touched. It suggests that an emotion or mood has such a strong presence that it is like something solid and material. The frequent use of the phrase almost palpable draws on both definitions of the word to make this point.

Commonly found as

palpable sense
After the curtain went down, there was a palpable sense of intimacy in the theater, because we had experienced deep emotions in the company of others.
almost palpable
When I walked into the kitchen, the tension between the couple was almost palpable.

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Saturday, October 02, 2021


vigilant is a synonym of alert

adjective [ vij-uh-luhnt ]

vigilant is another word for alert

Both words refer to being keenly aware and attentive to one’s surroundings or the activity one is engaged in. Alert suggests being fully awake and aware and thus capable of quick perception and reaction: stay alert while driving; only alert readers noticed the error. Vigilant suggests a more consciously sustained watchfulness, for the purpose of detecting danger: we must remain vigilant until the threat has passed. It commonly modifies citizens, neighbors, and guards, as well as processes like enforcement, monitoring, and oversight.

Commonly found as

vigilant neighbors
Vigilant neighbors can be annoying, but loss of a bit of privacy is a small price to pay for the safety of our families—and our property.
vigilant oversight
To avoid any more internationally embarrassing revelations, we need vigilant oversight of military spending.

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Friday, October 01, 2021


adept is a synonym of skillful

adjective [ uh-dept ]

adept is another word for skillful

Skillful and adept refer to being very proficient at something requiring quickness or agility of body or mind, through natural ability, training, or practice. Skillful often, but by no means always, suggests physical adroitness and dexterity: skillful hands. It is often applied to a person in a defined role or to the activity done well: a skillful player; skillful performance. Adept is a strong synonym for skillful and will work much of the time. Adept is more often used to describe a person who is adept at doing or achieving something that may be very particular rather than expected in a certain occupation or profession: adept at identifying the right person for the part.

Commonly found as

prove + adept
We turned to Maria, who had proven herself adept at handling rivalries between colleagues.
adept at using
Kids are now adept at using their devices surreptitiously during class without being spotted.

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