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jubilant is a synonym of happy

adjective [ joo-buh-luhnt ]

jubilant is another word for happy

To be jubilant is to show great joy or triumph. Contrasted with the word happy, which conveys delight but not necessarily to a high (or noisy) degree, jubilant shouts its elation from the rooftops. It comes from the Latin verb jūbilāre meaning "to shout, whoop," and fittingly, you're most likely to find it describing the mood or manner of people gathered in celebration, or with something to "whoop" about, as a success or victory.

Commonly found as

jubilant crowd, jubilant supporters, jubilant mood
At the end of the graduation ceremony, the jubilant crowd of family members were on their feet, congratulating the recent graduates and hugging each other enthusiastically.
excited and jubilant, loud and jubilant
After the leader finished her speech, the supporters gave a loud and jubilant cheer.

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disparate is a synonym of different

adjective [ dis-per-it, dih-spar- ]

disparate is another word for different

Usually when we use the word different, we are describing something that is unlike something else. The word disparate conveys that, too, but the distinction is more pronounced. Items, attitudes, or systems that are disparate are so dissimilar or incongruous that they are difficult to compare, and may indeed seem incompatible. Despite this word's prickly disposition, disparate is often found in discussions of efforts to bring things together or find common ground.

Commonly found as

disparate groups, disparate elements
The initiative found support among wildly disparate groups of people.
bring disparate, unite disparate
The mayor hoped to unite all the disparate views of the community members into a coherent plan for the town.

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prodigious is a synonym of amazing

adjective [ pruh-dij-uhs ]

prodigious is another word for amazing

Isn't it amazing how easy it is to overuse the word amazing? Prodigious is a more specific descriptor. Like amazing, prodigious conveys a sense of wonder, but it is used to comment on the size, amount, extent, or degree of what is being described. Items described as prodigious are extraordinary by one of these measures, as a musician with prodigious talent, a research grant of a prodigious amount, or a career notable for its prodigious output.

Commonly found as

prodigious talent, prodigious amount
The violinist's prodigious talent was on full display at the summer concert.
produce a prodigious, produce prodigious
The experiment produced a prodigious amount of data.

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