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hubris is a synonym of arrogance

noun [ hyoo-bris, hoo- ]

hubris is another word for arrogance

The noun arrogance is a commonly used term for overbearing pride or an offensive display of superiority or self-importance. The synonym hubris describes a more grandiose and excessive type of pride or presumptuousness that, in literature, propels a protagonist toward tragedy (a character who thinks they know better than the gods and therefore oversteps their place in the cosmic order will eventually fall, or, more precisely, be punished). In general use, the term does not suggest divine retribution, but it does carry a cautionary weight.

Commonly found as

act of hubris
The manager's decision to let go of his top three salespeople because he believed he could singlehandedly do a better job was an astonishing act of hubris.
blinded by hubris
The leader was blinded by hubris and could not see the negative impact of her actions.

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erroneous is a synonym of wrong

adjective [ ih-roh-nee-uhs, e-roh- ]

erroneous is another word for wrong

The adjective wrong is used in a few different ways. It can describe something that is not in accordance with what is morally right or good (a wrong deed), something that is out of order or awry (something’s wrong with your computer), or something that deviates from the truth or fact (a wrong answer). That third sense is where the synonym erroneous comes in. Erroneous means “containing error” or “mistaken; incorrect.” This adjective is commonly used to describe flawed reasoning or incorrect information. Erroneous originally described people or things that moved aimlessly or wandered about. While that sense is now obsolete, the idea of deviating or straying from a correct path, albeit a figurative one, still figures into its meaning.

Commonly found as

erroneous assumption
The director's decision to move the first performance up a weekend was based on the erroneous assumption that his cast members had been rehearsing diligently.
clearly erroneous
She could not believe the outcome of the trial; in her view the court's findings were clearly erroneous.

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flaunt is a synonym of display

verb [ flawnt ]

flaunt is another word for display

The verb display is one that usually flies under the radar; it means simply “to show” or “to make visible.” A shopkeeper might display a sign in their window. The verb flaunt is much more of a show-off! Flaunt is defined as “to parade or display ostentatiously.” A person who flaunts their wealth actively draws attention to it. The boastfulness baked into this term explains why flaunt is often couched in disapproving contexts. But sometimes the word is used more affirmingly to reject a stigma associated with an idea, circumstance, or behavior.

Commonly found as

flaunt + wealth
The local paper criticized the celebrity for shamelessly flaunting his wealth when he came to tour neighborhoods that had been destroyed just a week earlier by the hurricane.
proudly flaunt
He proudly flaunted his VIP badge at the prestigious event.

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