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haphazard is a synonym of aimless

adjective [ hap-haz-erd ]

haphazard is another word for aimless

The adjective aimless is commonly used to talk about meandering movements, such as aimless wandering, or activities that lack purpose, such as aimless conversation. Haphazard goes a slapdash step beyond to emphasize disorder, unpredictability, and a lack of foresight or attention. This disheveled adjective is used of things that one might expect to be orderly, well planned out, or at least regular and predictable, but are instead muddled, seemingly random, and maybe even a little chaotic. A haphazard process, for instance, is one that was thrown together at the last minute or that is anything but systematic.

Commonly found as

haphazard manner
The information was intended to be helpful, but it was announced in such a haphazard manner that it did more to confuse than clarify.
random and haphazard
The process for getting new tablets into every classroom in the district seemed random and haphazard.

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adroit is a synonym of skillful

adjective [ uh-droit ]

adroit is another word for skillful

The adjective skillful is a general term for describing competence and expertness. Adroit is a strong synonym for skillful that also conveys facility and ease of performance, but this less common adjective emphasizes cleverness and resourcefulness. An adroit politician, for instance, may be particularly skilled at maneuvering various levers of power and persuasion to accomplish his or her goals. Dexterity and agility, both physical and mental, are key to the meaning and uses of this well-versed word.

Commonly found as

politically adroit
The public statement was a politically adroit overture to a key group of funders with very deep pockets.
adroit handling
The leader was praised for her adroit handling of the negotiations, which could have fallen apart in less competent hands.

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chicanery is a synonym of trickery

noun [ shi-key-nuh-ree, chi- ]

chicanery is another word for trickery

The nouns trickery and chicanery both denote deception, but chicanery is usually used of questionable legal, financial, or political maneuvering that involves deliberately misleading language or subterfuge. Trickery is not always attached to mal intent—sometimes this word is used of crafty moves that misdirect or mislead in some ingenious way. Chicanery, however, almost always implies taking advantage of a situation for petty purposes.

Commonly found as

chicanery + fraud
One might think that the state’s office of professional licensure was squeaky clean, but unfortunately it had a history of chicanery and fraud.
engage in chicanery
Employees at the firm were alarmed and disappointed to discover that their new boss was so willing to engage in financial chicanery.

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