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Friday, February 12, 2021

synonym for honest


adjective [ fawrth-rahyt, fohrth- ]

forthright is another word for honest

When we describe someone as honest, we usually mean they have no intent to deceive and can be trusted. When we call someone forthright, we usually mean they are direct and candid in their communication. The adjective forthright is defined as “going straight to the point” or “frank.” Someone who is forthright does not beat around the bush or withhold information; they get to the heart of matters without hesitation. Forthright is similar to the adjective forthcoming, which is defined as “frank and cooperative,” but which implies slightly more agreeability or the divulgence of a larger amount of information. The common link, the directional adverb forth, means “onward” or “forward.”

Commonly found as

forthright manner
The publicist advised the CEO to address the controversy in a very forthright manner, urging her to address any pertinent and potentially damaging information head on.
refreshingly forthright
The celebrity was refreshingly forthright about the mistakes he'd made in the past.

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Thursday, February 11, 2021

synonym for climb


verb [ uh-send ]

ascend is another word for climb

The verbs climb and ascend both imply moving upward. Climb is more likely to be used of a person using their feet to move up (climb stairs), or their hands and feet (climb up a ladder). This verb suggests effort, even when used figuratively to talk about gaining prominence or fortune (to climb to the highest office in the land). The verb ascend usually suggests a gradual or stately movement, with or without effort. This lofty verb really stands apart in discussion of rising to a higher point, rank, or degree, or proceeding from an inferior to a superior degree or level, as in the case of a person who ascends to power.

Commonly found as

ascend + throne
The emperor ascended the throne when he was very young, but earned the people's respect quickly with his benevolence.
ascend + descend
He had watched her ascend to great heights early in her career, and then descend to new depths when the industry collapsed.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

synonym for impulsive


adjective [ im-pech-oo-uhs ]

impetuous is another word for impulsive

If you look up the adjectives impulsive and impetuous in a dictionary, you might feel like you’re in a hall of mirrors: impulsive is defined as “impetuous” and vice versa. While the two terms are very close in meaning, there are undertones that set them apart. Both refer to persons who are hasty or rash, or actions that are not preceded by thought, but impulsive emphasizes spontaneity or unpredictability and a lack of reflection; impetuous suggests passion or eagerness as the driving force behind abrupt actions or turbulent behavior.

Commonly found as

young + impetuous
In retrospect, he wished he would have heeded the advice he had been offered all those years ago. But he was young and impetuous and needed to figure things out on his own.
impetuous nature
The reporter was known for her impetuous nature, which sometimes worked to her advantage in breaking a story, but often deterred sources from reaching out.

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