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Wednesday, March 10, 2021


enormous is a synonym of large

adjective [ ih-nawr-muhs ]

enormous is another word for large

The adjectives large and enormous both imply great magnitude. Large is defined as “of more than average size, quantity, or degree,” and enormous is defined as “greatly exceeding the common size or extent.” The main difference between these two descriptors is that large operates within the boundaries of what is average or standard (I don’t want the small skillet; I need the large one!); enormous applies to what is out of the norm or unusual (the young singer has enormous potential). You may have noticed the word norm right there in the middle of the word—that's no coincidence, and it's a good reminder of the mold-breaking nature of the term. Usually when we use enormous, it is to emphasize that something stretches the limits of what seems possible or that it goes beyond what was expected or imagined.

Commonly found as

enormous amount
On the heels of her wildly successful debut novel, the author was under an enormous amount of pressure to produce a second book that was even better.
wield + enormous
The new residents complained that the homeowner's association wielded enormous power.

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Tuesday, March 09, 2021


whimsical is a synonym of playful

adjective [ hwim-zi-kuhl, wim- ]

whimsical is another word for playful

The adjective playful means different things in different contexts. When we call a puppy playful, we usually mean it is frolicsome or full of fun (naturally!). When we describe a remark as playful, we mean it is pleasantly humorous or jesting. Whimsical describes a particular kind of playfulness—one that is wildly imaginative and a bit unpredictable. When used to describe a person, whimsical emphasizes a capricious and fanciful disposition; when describing a work of art or piece of writing, whimsical suggests a kind of extravagantly playful expression that incorporates elements of fantasy.

Commonly found as

whimsical + fun
The pattern of the piano teacher's scarf was whimsical and fun, depicting the score of her favorite musical.
wonderfully whimsical
The play was wonderfully whimsical, and it was a delight for audiences of all ages.

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Monday, March 08, 2021


confront is a synonym of challenge

verb [ kuhn-fruhnt ]

confront is another word for challenge

The verb challenge is used a few different ways. It can refer to summoning another person to a contest of skill (I challenge you to a duel!), or to taking exception to something or calling it into question (She challenged the wisdom of the plan). The latter sense is more confrontational than competitive—which brings us to today’s synonym: confront. To confront something is to face and deal with it boldly and directly. One might confront an individual, which suggests communicating verbally with someone and holding them to account, or confront a problem or issue, which suggests taking action to effect change.

Commonly found as

confront head-on
The crisis had a disproportional impact on women, and the CEO wanted to confront those disparities head-on.
confront + reality
At the summit, a group of scientists urged leaders from around the world to confront the reality of climate change.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar