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Monday, January 11, 2021


dovetail is a synonym of fit

verb [ duhv-teyl ]

dovetail is another word for fit

When two things dovetail, they join or fit together compactly or harmoniously. This verb is often used to talk about ideas, plans, or pieces of information that are complementary or that seem to reinforce one another. This sense of the word comes from woodworking, where a dovetail is a type of joint formed of one or more tenons, or projections, fitting tightly within corresponding mortises, or notches. The joint is so named for its resemblance to (you guessed it!) a dove’s tail.

Commonly found as

dovetail nicely
The two pieces of legislation dovetailed nicely; together they formed a comprehensive plan for the town to reach its sustainability goals.
findings dovetail
The scientist's latest findings dovetailed with earlier research on the topic.

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Sunday, January 10, 2021


ludicrous is a synonym of laughable

adjective [ loo-di-kruhs ]

ludicrous is another word for laughable

Taken literally, the adjective laughable means exactly what you might expect: causing laughter. But the term is not usually used appreciatively to describe funny movies or clever jokes; instead, laughable is usually used of things that provoke laughter for their preposterousness or improbability. The synonym ludicrous is more pointed still. Something that is ludicrous causes laughter because of its absurdity, or worse, it provokes or deserves derision. Related to the adjective ludic, “playful in an aimless way,” ludicrous entered English emphasizing triviality and playfulness. But nowadays the term is reserved for the illogical and outrageous.

Commonly found as

absolutely ludicrous
While it has many great features, the new smartphone costs an absolutely ludicrous amount of money!
ludicrous to think
It was ludicrous to think that such an ambitious project could be completed in such a short amount of time, but the deadline was set regardless.

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Saturday, January 09, 2021


dapper is a synonym of stylish

adjective [ dap-er ]

dapper is another word for stylish

The adjective stylish is about as variable and broad as standards of fashion themselves. So long as one is conforming to the latest fashions (which change all the time), he or she may be described as stylish. Dapper is more fixed. A person who is dapper or dressed in a dapper manner looks very neatly put together. This adjective suggests a tidy sophistication, and is typically used of men or men’s fashions. Stylish though it may be, a deliberately unkempt or casual look is not likely to be described as dapper. 

Commonly found as

look + dapper
The nominee for best actor looked very dapper in his tailored suit and matching trilby.  
dapper + debonair
The dapper and debonair host glided around the room, enchanting guests with witticisms and charming anecdotes.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar