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devise is a synonym of create

verb [ dih-vahyz ]

devise is another word for create

The verb create, at its most general, means to bring something into being. To devise something is to plan it or think it up. The main action of devise occurs in the mind. An economist may devise a plan or a strategy, for instance, with the goal of creating jobs or wealth. In some older uses, devise carried nefarious and deceptive undertones, as in "The conspirators devised the downfall of the ruler." Nowadays, devise is more neutral, though it may still have a plot or two up its sleeve.

Commonly found as

devise a strategy
The CEO carefully devised a strategy to sustain their operations through the new year.
devise and implement
The governor devised and implemented an ingenious plan that would provide all the necessary equipment to the service workers.

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resilient is a synonym of strong

adjective [ ri-zil-yuhnt, -zil-ee-uhnt ]

resilient is another word for strong

The word resilient is used to talk about a particular kind of strength. When used to describe objects or materials, resilient means "returning to original form after being bent or stretched." In discussion of people, resilient conveys a buoyancy in the face of hardship or misfortune. A person who readily recovers or bounces back from adversity, illness, depression, or other types of difficult circumstances may be described as resilient. More commonly, resilient is used in discussion of systems and organizations, such as economies, communities, and cities, and increasingly, we see resilient in the descriptor phrase climate resilient, signifying the readiness and capability of systems and organizations to adapt to changing climate conditions.

Commonly found as

resilient communities, resilient economy
In light of recent events, regional governments are focused on building resilient communities that can withstand natural disasters and are willing to embrace new sustainable economies.
strong and resilient
Having successfully dealt with many hardships before, the strong and resilient city had plans in place so that it could prosper again after adversity.

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bolster is a synonym of help

verb [ bohl-ster ]

bolster is another word for help

Help comes in many different forms. To bolster something is "to add to, support, or uphold" that thing. The verb comes from the noun bolster, a cushion or pillow. The idea of cushioning, propping up, or giving a boost is central to the verb. However, while this noun bolster is most likely to prop up a person, the verb bolster is more commonly found in discussion of concepts and ideas. For example, you might bolster a case or an argument, or bolster a friend's confidence. Similarly, internet companies will seek to bolster their traffic, and government agencies strive to bolster the economy.

Commonly found as

bolster the case
The prosecutor sought to bolster the case by bringing in DNA evidence that clearly linked the defendant to the scene of the crime.
seek to bolster, aim to bolster
The military general aimed to bolster the ranks by enlisting soldiers who were older than had been allowed before.

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