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Sunday, September 19, 2021


contrite is a synonym of sorry

adjective [ kuhn-trahyt, kon-trahyt ]

contrite is another word for sorry

How do you know when someone is truly sorry? When they’re contrite. Sorry’s most common use is in an apology, where it acknowledges, and suggests regret for, something one has done to another. It can also simply describe this feeling of regret about an action (He was sorry to have forgotten her birthday). Contrite suggests a sincere feeling of remorse or, in Christian contexts, repentance. In religious texts, contrite is frequently applied to the heart or spirit. In general usage, it is commonly found paired with the verbs “to be,” “to look,” “to sound” and “to appear” or modifying nouns such as expression, statement, or tone, all of which gauge the credibility of an apology.

Commonly found as

appear contrite
The defendant appeared contrite and took full responsibility for the damage done to his neighbor’s front yard.
contrite statement
After deleting some controversial posts on social media, the athlete issued a contrite statement, asking his fans for forgiveness.

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Saturday, September 18, 2021


galvanize is a synonym of motivate

verb [ gal-vuh-nahyz ]

galvanize is another word for motivate

Both verbs suggest prompting or encouraging a person or group to undertake something or to pursue something, Motivate refers to giving a person or group a reason or a desire to do a thing, or to pursue it with more drive (players motivated by a monetary prize; the teacher who motivated her to go to college). Galvanize refers to stimulating or energizing a person or group into action, particularly by provoking a response. The typical object of galvanize is a large group—the public, voters, the community, a movement—or the collective sentiment, opinion, efforts or actions of a group (a speech that galvanized public opinion).

Commonly found as

galvanize support
The campaign galvanized support in the community for making several of the residential blocks a pedestrian zone.
issue + galvanize
Lack of access to health-care may be an issue that galvanizes voters in this election.

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Friday, September 17, 2021


ballyhoo is a synonym of publicity

noun [ bal-ee-hoo ]

ballyhoo is another word for publicity

Both words refer to activities engaged in by businesses or other enterprising organizations to gain public attention, such as advertising campaigns or press junkets. However, there are no ballyhoo departments. Publicity is the official and neutral term. Ballyhoo refers specifically, and usually dismissively, to a noisy style of promotion that is blatant, excessive, or extravagant. It’s commonly paired with “hype” and often appears preceded by “much” or “all the”: the play premiered amid much ballyhoo. In general usage, ballyhoo is sometimes used more loosely to mean media attention and public buzz no matter the source. Inevitably, what receives the ballyhoo doesn’t merit the clamor surrounding it.

Commonly found as

amid much ballyhoo
The new phone was launched amid much ballyhoo, although early adopters were hard-pressed to find any significant differences between it and last year’s model.
ballyhoo + hype
I don’t usually go see movies that have been surrounded by ballyhoo and hype since well before their release, but I joined the crowd for this one and was not disappointed.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar