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consummate is a synonym of perfect

adjective [ kuhn-suhm-it, kon-suh-mit ]

consummate is another word for perfect

Can we improve on perfect? Here we’re taking perfect in its sense of “entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings,” which can apply to things (perfect teeth; a perfect apple; a perfect throw) and, to a lesser degree, people (because nobody’s perfect). For people who have approached perfection in a profession or other role, or for a skill or trait taken to its highest possible level, consummate fits the bill: a consummate actor; the consummate liar; consummate musicianship. This word is most frequently applied to artists, performers, and politicians, but can be used of anyone with a supreme aptitude for a particular role.

Commonly found as

consummate skill
This scene in particular was directed with consummate skill—the dialogue flows seamlessly and the lighting perfectly accents the mood.
consummate showman
He was a talented singer, but also a consummate showman, and when he was on stage, audiences were spellbound.

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divulge is a synonym of reveal

verb [ dih-vuhlj, dahy- ]

divulge is another word for reveal

These words share the meaning of making known something previously unknown or secret. Reveal suggests uncovering something personal, secret, or unexpected that makes an impact and may involve some drama: He reveals the truth about his sister; The study revealed a gross discrepancy. Divulge suggests an often deliberate act of communicating, and making public, information that has been kept private, confidential, or secret. Things that are commonly divulged include details, facts, names, identities, and sources—information for which there may be legal, ethical, or professional reasons for divulging or not divulging: The police have not divulged the identity of the victim; Journalists refused to divulge their sources.

Commonly found as

refuse + divulge
The whistleblower is refusing to divulge the names of those who hacked into the system to obtain evidence for her allegations.
divulge information
In the neighborhood I grew up in, divulging information to the police was called snitching.

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gregarious is a synonym of outgoing

adjective [ gri-gair-ee-uhs ]

gregarious is another word for outgoing

Both words are used to describe people who are very sociable, comfortable, or confident in the company of others. Outgoing, the more common and informal word, describes someone who behaves in a friendly, lively way, is less inhibited than the average person, and readily engages in conversation with others, whether friends or strangers. You’ll find gregarious is often used in much the same way, and it is accepted as a strong, more formal synonym for outgoing. However, in most dictionaries it is defined as “enjoying the company of others,” which is an extension of its other, older definition that refers to animals that live in herds rather than alone. So, strictly following the definition, gregarious doesn’t necessarily imply any particular behavior with others, except the preference to be with others (like a bird in a flock), or to be social.

Commonly found as

gregarious personality
With her gregarious personality, Grace didn’t spend much time in her hotel room, but could be found chatting away with someone in the lounge, by the pool, or at the bar.
naturally gregarious
The comedian was not naturally gregarious, but he used his loner persona to hilarious effect in his standup routines.

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