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Friday, September 17, 2021


ballyhoo is a synonym of publicity

noun [ bal-ee-hoo ]

ballyhoo is another word for publicity

Both words refer to activities engaged in by businesses or other enterprising organizations to gain public attention, such as advertising campaigns or press junkets. However, there are no ballyhoo departments. Publicity is the official and neutral term. Ballyhoo refers specifically, and usually dismissively, to a noisy style of promotion that is blatant, excessive, or extravagant. It’s commonly paired with “hype” and often appears preceded by “much” or “all the”: the play premiered amid much ballyhoo. In general usage, ballyhoo is sometimes used more loosely to mean media attention and public buzz no matter the source. Inevitably, what receives the ballyhoo doesn’t merit the clamor surrounding it.

Commonly found as

amid much ballyhoo
The new phone was launched amid much ballyhoo, although early adopters were hard-pressed to find any significant differences between it and last year’s model.
ballyhoo + hype
I don’t usually go see movies that have been surrounded by ballyhoo and hype since well before their release, but I joined the crowd for this one and was not disappointed.

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Thursday, September 16, 2021


ennui is a synonym of boredom

noun [ ahn-wee, ahn-wee ]

ennui is another word for boredom

There’s nothing more ordinary than boredom, the restless or weary state that comes from not being interested in any pursuit available to you (the boredom of a long commute). Ennui, a borrowing from French, is boredom taken more seriously. Ennui can suggest a more profound, philosophical or spiritual condition rather than lack of interest (existential ennui; suburban ennui; adolescent ennui). Although the expression “die of boredom” is one of the most common contexts for the word, ennui tends to be treated more as an actual illness or malaise: people are said to suffer from ennui and to overcome it. Angst, frustration, despair, and loneliness are some common companions of ennui.

Commonly found as

suffer from ennui
Having attained her dream life, she began to suffer from ennui, making her question whether impressive jobs and a nicer car were really what she wanted.
existential ennui
It’s not uncommon for the young people in a small, economically depressed town to experience existential ennui, so it is important that their high-school teachers encourage them to create their own opportunities.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021


procure is a synonym of obtain

verb [ proh-kyoor, pruh- ]

procure is another word for obtain

Obtain and procure refer to getting something, or gaining possession of it, through some effort or process. Obtain is the general word for acquiring something using effort or by request (obtained a ticket for the show; obtain permission). Procure is an everyday word, in business and governmental contexts, for acquiring necessary supplies and equipment. In more general usage, however, procure suggests making a special effort to get something that may be difficult to obtain (managed to procure concert tickets). Procure is frequently used of necessities that conditions have made difficult to get (procuring organs to save lives, procuring food during wartime) and of illegal or illegally-obtained items, such as drugs and weapons.

Commonly found as

manage to procure
A few lucky holiday shoppers managed to procure the popular toy before they were all sold out.
procure food
It was the practice of hunter-gatherers to eat immediately upon procuring food.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar