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Monday, September 13, 2021


august is a synonym of majestic

adjective [ aw-guhst ]

august is another word for majestic

Both words describe people and things that affect us with their powerfully impressive or imposing presence that is of the highest dignity and grandeur. Majestic can refer to size, scope, or beauty, and suggests an exalted dignity (a majestic cathedral), but it is the natural world that most frequently inspires writers’ use of this word: majestic mountains; a majestic view; majestic creatures. August, the less common word, is most often applied to institutions, their members, and the associated architectural structures (the august halls of the U.S. Supreme Court). An august institution, body, assembly, or publication, inspires respect or reverence for its lofty purpose and the distinction and eminence of its members.

Commonly found as

august body
This august body is gathered here today to select the winner of one of the most prestigious international prizes for medical research.
august institution
He was feeling proud but slightly intimidated to have been accepted by such an august institution of higher learning.

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Sunday, September 12, 2021


perpetrate is a synonym of commit

verb [ pur-pi-treyt ]

perpetrate is another word for commit

Both verbs refer to the doing or carrying out of something criminal, immoral, or otherwise wrong. Commit is the familiar verb we use with crime, specific crimes (commit murder), as well as with sins and errors.  Perpetrate is a strong, but much less common, synonym for commit. It is most frequently applied to criminal acts, but takes a slightly wider range of objects. For example, it is common usage to say perpetrated a hoax, a scam, fraud, or violence, while commit would be used with fraud and violence, but normally not the first two. Perpetrate is used particularly for acts of deception, as in perpetrate a falsehood or perpetrate a myth. This may be because perpetrate can mean not only “carry out or execute,” but also “carry on.” Deceptions, such as hoaxes, scams, and myths can be carried on with, perpetuated, in ways a theft or murder can’t. It has been widely remarked, however, that writers may sometimes simply be confusing perpetrate and perpetuate.

Commonly found as

perpetrate a hoax
Unfortunately, our local newspaper perpetrated a hoax initiated by a small group of wackos, so it affected many more people than it otherwise would have.
perpetrate violence
Be assured that those individuals who perpetrated violence during the protests will be charged and sentenced.

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Synonym of the day

Saturday, September 11, 2021


brazen is a synonym of bold

adjective [ brey-zuhn ]

brazen is another word for bold

Bold is commonly used to mean courageous or daring (a bold warrior, a bold move). It can also denote another, less admired sort of fearlessness with respect to social rules of polite or appropriate behavior. Bold behavior is forward, presumptuous, or impudent. To soften an action or remark that may overstep proper boundaries, we say “May I be so bold as to…?” Brazen suggests bold to the extreme—that is, blatantly and shamelessly engaging in or attempting acts that are criminal, immoral, or embarrassing. Brazen hypocrisy makes no attempt to conceal itself, nor do brazen defiance, brazen disregard for others’ feelings, brazen attempts at looting, or other brazen violations of the law.

Commonly found as

brazen violation
I never thought I’d witness such a brazen violation of citizens’ constitutional right to vote.
brazen attempt
She made a brazen attempt to replace my mother as the heir to my father’s estate.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar
Synonym of the Day Calendar