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The zip-up case has clear compartments, so you can easily see and organize all of the contents.THE BEST FIRST AID KITS FOR STAYING SAFE AND PREPAREDPOPSCI COMMERCE TEAMSEPTEMBER 4, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
You would be hard-pressed to notice them with your own eyes, especially when dozens of frames are zipping by every second.MICROSOFT’S NEW VIDEO AUTHENTICATOR COULD HELP WEED OUT DANGEROUS DEEPFAKESSTAN HORACZEKSEPTEMBER 3, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
A photobombing satellite is nothing new—it’s bound to happen with over 2,600 active satellites zipping around Earth.SATELLITE MEGA-CONSTELLATIONS RISK RUINING ASTRONOMY FOREVERNEEL PATELSEPTEMBER 2, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
Some included defendants’ addresses, others included only their cities of residence and ZIP codes, and records from Collin and El Paso counties had no address information.HOW WE FOUND OUT HOW MANY DEBT COLLECTION LAWSUITS OPORTUN INC. FILED DURING THE PANDEMICBY REN LARSON AND KIAH COLLIERAUGUST 31, 2020PROPUBLICA
The ZIP codes with the highest unemployment rates include Logan Heights, National City and San Ysidro, according to a recent SANDAG report.NEW SOUTH BAY SUPERVISOR’S TO-DO LIST: ENSURE AN EQUITABLE RECOVERYMAYA SRIKRISHNANAUGUST 31, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
If you need a single large compartment, you can also flatten the cubes and zip them away to use the whole space like a traditional pack.THE MATADOR SEG42 OFFERS UNRIVALED GEAR ORGANIZATIONGRAHAM AVERILLAUGUST 25, 2020OUTSIDE ONLINE
There are also the photons that zip every which way through any cubic centimeter of open space.THE UNIVERSE HAS MADE ALMOST ALL THE STARS IT WILL EVER MAKE - ISSUE 89: THE DARK SIDECALEB SCHARFAUGUST 19, 2020NAUTILUS
One interesting subtext of the data, likely hidden in a still-pending zip-code analysis, suggests it’s those living in the cities that are experiencing the brunt of the sexual downturn.SEXLESS IN THE CITY - FACTS SO ROMANTICANASTASIA BENDEBURY & MICHAEL SHILO DELAYAUGUST 11, 2020NAUTILUS
Small, frequent lightning storms zip across Jupiter’s cloud tops.‘EXOTIC’ LIGHTNING CRACKLES ACROSS JUPITER’S CLOUD TOPSLISA GROSSMANAUGUST 5, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
The rifle-bullets were whizzing so zip, zip from the sharpshooters on the Federal lines that involuntarily I moved on my chair.FAMOUS ADVENTURES AND PRISON ESCAPES OF THE CIVIL WARVARIOUS


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