Thesaurus / zigzagging


And always longer and longer it grew, zigzagging beneath the quiet face of the moon.

The Dreamer of DreamsMarie, Queen of Roumania

Up the spire, behind the lacings of stone, zigzagging in and out of the carved tracings, squirms the fire.

And they looked out of the zigzagging windows of the zigzagging cars and the first pigs they saw had bibs on.

Rootabaga StoriesCarl Sandburg

They may be found running to base ports, zigzagging through the instruction zone over hills, through a valley, along a roadside.

Zigzagging our way through the streets and across the river, we entered an unlighted thoroughfare, hardly to be called a street.

The Pacific TriangleSydney Greenbie

He made a run for it, zigzagging through the sage-brush so swiftly as to offer the least certain mark possible for a sharpshooter.

He avoided the main highway and wandered along by-roads, zigzagging and circling about.

The Unwilling VestalEdward Lucas White

After zigzagging for awhile in rain, we come suddenly upon the Roman theatre, a sight to take one's breath away.

The Roof of FranceMatilda Betham-Edwards

She was zigzagging slightly and going 15 knots, with two destroyers zigzagging ahead as a screen.

The tang of late autumn was in the air, and Helens head cleared as she walked briskly up the zigzagging driveway.

The Gray PhantomHerman Landon

opposites of zigzagging

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