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In what may be its zaniest gambit yet, IKEA has launched an audiobook.IKEA HAS REPLACED ITS PRINT CATALOG WITH AN AUDIOBOOKANNE QUITOMARCH 18, 2021QUARTZ
With US regulatory boards making it easier for new products to reach the market during the coronavirus emergency, a slew of solutions—from zany to ingenious—have become available.HOW TO DESIGN AN OFFICE THAT EMPLOYEES WILL WANT TO RETURN TOANNE QUITOAUGUST 9, 2020QUARTZ
Y was a Youth, that did not love school; Z was a Zany, a poor harmless fool.BOYS AND GIRLS BOOKSHELF; A PRACTICAL PLAN OF CHARACTER BUILDING, VOLUME I (OF 17)VARIOUS
He knew that so long as he obeyed orders he would be unharmed, and he would have been a zany had he hesitated to do so.TWO BOYS IN WYOMINGEDWARD S. ELLIS
The youth never doubted that he would carry out this threat, and he would have been a zany to draw the explosion of wrath.TWO BOYS IN WYOMINGEDWARD S. ELLIS
Oh, you selfish young zany of a man, after all you have said to her, won't you make it up and let me return to my coffee?THE LITTLE WHITE BIRDJ. M. BARRIE
The alabaster image of the Blessed Virgin kept turning to a paper thing, kept nodding at him like a zany.SINISTER STREET, VOL. 2COMPTON MACKENZIE
Now thiccy trough, thee zany, and tak thee girt legs out o' the wai.LORNA DOONER. D. BLACKMORE
Dost think to see the gold come tumbling out like the kernel of a nut, thou zany?LORNA DOONER. D. BLACKMORE
A good many of our kind of zany do drink or take drugs—about fifty per cent of them.NOR IRON BARS A CAGE....GORDON RANDALL GARRETT


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