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Only prospective studies can begin to illuminate the winding paths youngsters travel to become their adult selves.‘THE ORIGINS OF YOU’ EXPLORES HOW KIDS DEVELOP INTO THEIR ADULT SELVESBRUCE BOWERSEPTEMBER 16, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
At just 17 million years old, this planetary family is a youngster compared to our 4-billion-year-old solar system.A WEIRD COUSIN OF OUR SOLAR SYSTEM IS CAUGHT ON CAMERALISA GROSSMANAUGUST 26, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
At just 17 million years old, the planetary family is a youngster compared with the 4-billion-year-old solar system.THIS IS THE FIRST PICTURE OF A SUNLIKE STAR WITH MULTIPLE EXOPLANETSLISA GROSSMANJULY 22, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
A dolphin’s shelling behavior could also have been influenced during the tens of thousands of hours the animal spent as a youngster watching its mother.DOLPHINS CAN LEARN FROM PEERS HOW TO USE SHELLS AS TOOLSJACK J. LEEJUNE 25, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
So it wasn’t a case of the older chicks risking their survival to feed the youngsters.BARN OWLETS SHARE FOOD WITH THEIR YOUNGER SIBLINGS IN EXCHANGE FOR GROOMINGPRATIK PAWARJUNE 16, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
The youngster was in his long white nightgown, that kept tripping him up as Madame Ratignolle led him along by the hand.THE AWAKENING AND SELECTED SHORT STORIESKATE CHOPIN
The tall, lean youngster wore a junior pilot's bands on the sleeves of his blue uniform.FEE OF THE FRONTIERHORACE BROWN FYFE
He was a dark-browed, good-looking youngster of nineteen, greatly resembling his mother, but with ten times her impetuosity.THE AWAKENING AND SELECTED SHORT STORIESKATE CHOPIN
At the same time the suspicious policeman came up with, “Now then, youngster, move on.”THE GARRET AND THE GARDENR.M. BALLANTYNE
A look that, for an instant, suffused that youngster's own because he felt his present kindness to be "second hand."DOROTHY AT SKYRIEEVELYN RAYMOND


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