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On this page you'll find 20 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to yes-men, such as: apple-polisher/apple polisher, ass-kisser, back scratcher/back-scratcher/backscratcher, backslapper, bootlicker, and brown-nose.

How to use yes-men in a sentence

  • “These are not yes men,” a senior Vatican official tells The Daily Beast.

    Pope Francis’s Posse | Barbie Latza Nadeau | April 15, 2013 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • "Yes—men are made up differently," Tavender assented, with philosophical gravity.

    The Market-Place | Harold Frederic
  • Fred Dunmore is accustomed to dealing with a lot of yes-men at the plant; you shouldn't have any trouble shouting him down.

    Murder in the Gunroom | Henry Beam Piper
  • Winstein didn't want yes-men around him; he wanted men who could and would think.

    By Proxy | Gordon Randall Garrett

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