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It’s just one of the wrinkles of using a technology that is only as good as the data fed into it.A.I. ALGORITHMS HAD TO CHANGE WHEN COVID-19 CHANGED CONSUMER BEHAVIORAARON PRESSMANSEPTEMBER 23, 2020FORTUNE
It’s often observed that US presidents seem to age faster during their years in office, their newly grey hairs and deepened wrinkles serving as outward manifestations of the stress and pressure that comes with calling the nation’s shots.A NEW STUDY SHOWS THAT INDUSTRY DOWNTURNS AGE CEOS BY AN EXTRA 1.5 YEARSSARAH TODDSEPTEMBER 22, 2020QUARTZ
KPBS added another wrinkle Thursday when it reported that redactions in the audit could be easily removed by copying and pasting the text into another document.POLITICS REPORT: ALLEGED FOOTNOTE 15SCOTT LEWIS AND ANDREW KEATTSSEPTEMBER 5, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
To eliminate any wrinkles, grab an iron and work out any creases on the highest setting—it’s not a light fabric so it can take a few passes.FIVE COOL WAYS TO UPCYCLE OLD COFFEE SACKSHARRY GUINNESSAUGUST 27, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
Your goal was to make a numerical expression that equals 24, using each of four given numbers once, along with parentheses, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and exponentiation — that last one being a fun wrinkle.CAN THE HARE BEAT THE TORTOISE?ZACH WISSNER-GROSSJULY 17, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
They surround themselves with the atmosphere of the demi-monde and forget that a wrinkle is as fatal as a chaperon.ANCESTORSGERTRUDE ATHERTON
The keenest eye at that time could have detected no wrinkle on Lucy's lovely girlish face.THE PIT TOWN CORONET, VOLUME III (OF 3)CHARLES JAMES WILLS
That is a philanthropic wrinkle for chapel keepers and other compounders of business and piety which we commend to special notice.OUR CHURCHES AND CHAPELSATTICUS
His ears were large, thin towards the end, and bound up with a sort of wrinkle at the origin.BUFFON'S NATURAL HISTORY. VOLUME VII (OF 10)GEORGES LOUIS LECLERC DE BUFFON
I plunged ahead, as I saw Kramer take a breath and wrinkle his brow, about to make his pitch.GREYLORNJOHN KEITH LAUMER


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