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For experts, this has long been the worry raised by such language-generating algorithms.A COLLEGE KID’S FAKE, AI-GENERATED BLOG FOOLED TENS OF THOUSANDS. THIS IS HOW HE MADE IT.KAREN HAOAUGUST 14, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
Another worry is that evidence for or against a vaccine could get twisted.EVERY COUNTRY WANTS A COVID-19 VACCINE. WHO WILL GET IT FIRST?KATIE MCLEANAUGUST 13, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
Notably, a lack of fiscal stimulus was a far greater concern than when we last asked the question in mid-June, although the level of worry about a second wave of coronavirus barely budged.WHAT ECONOMISTS FEAR WILL HAPPEN WITHOUT MORE UNEMPLOYMENT AIDAMELIA THOMSON-DEVEAUXAUGUST 11, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
Once outside of Earth’s protective gravitational and magnetic fields, microgravity and radiation become big worries.WHAT WILL ASTRONAUTS NEED TO SURVIVE THE DANGEROUS JOURNEY TO MARS?MARIA TEMMINGJULY 15, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Now, says cosmologist Adam Riess of Johns Hopkins University and the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, “we can proceed without the niggling worries.”DESPITE A NEW MEASUREMENT, THE DEBATE OVER THE UNIVERSE’S EXPANSION RAGES ONEMILY CONOVERJULY 15, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Betty declared that she had not slept a wink the night before, worrying for fear her father had not meant what he said.THE OUTDOOR GIRLS IN THE SADDLELAURA LEE HOPE
Cousin,” said she gravely in a little, “you are not worrying about your father, as though it may—not be well with him now?DAVID FLEMING'S FORGIVENESSMARGARET MURRAY ROBERTSON
Scrambling, sliding, worrying in the dimness, I finally reached the less precipitous slopes of the base of the cliff.VALLEY OF THE CROENLEE TARBELL
She mentioned her fears to the minister, and he said, "When she gets over worrying about Tommy, she'll pick up her crumbs."THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY, VOLUME 17, NO. 101, MARCH, 1866VARIOUS
The thing disturbed me so that I couldn't get any peace of mind for thinking of it and worrying over it.A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR'S COURT, COMPLETEMARK TWAIN (SAMUEL CLEMENS)


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